A chip off the old block

Earlier in the season I mentioned something about what to do with all the kale in my garden. A few friends suggested I try making kale chips. So I did. And I think I may swear off of regular potato chips for good now. These things were absolutely the most delicious snack I’ve ever had.  Even my boyfriend was crunching away on them.

Kale chips are easy to make and contain the perfect combination of oil, salt and crispiness. I absolutely recommend you try making them at home. Kale is very inexpensive in the grocery store, so this is something you can make year round, whether you have a garden or not.

First I washed the heads of kale. Then I broke the leaves off the core, rinsing them again. Lastly I tore the ribs out of each leave and washed them again. I’m sure the kale you buy in the store won’t need three rinses, but my kale has been outdoors in the garden since June, so I was extra cautious.

I spread the kale leaves out on paper towels across my counter top and let them dry out for about 20 minutes. Then I blotted the tops of the leaves with more paper towels.

Once the leaves were pretty much dry, I drizzled a little olive oil over them and tossed them with my hands until they were all evenly coated with oil. Then I added freshly ground sea salt to the chips and tossed them again.

To cook the kale, I preheated my oven to 250 degrees and laid the kale leaves flat on cookie sheets so none were overlapping. I cooked them on one side for about 10 minutes, flipped each chip and cooked them on the other side for another 10 minutes. You can tell when the chips are done because they will be crispy and some may even take on brownish color. Remove the chips from the tray and enjoy!


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