What will they think of next?

There are the haves and have-nots. By that, I mean those who live within shopping-distance from a Wegmans and those that don’t. That being said, I found another reason to thank the grocery chain gods yesterday when someone tipped me off to this incredibly useful tool available through Wegmans.com.

Has anyone else discovered the Shopping List function? I made a pretend grocery list to demonstrate the usefulness. Instead of using the old pencil and paper to make the grocery list this week, I’m going to try to leap boldly into the 21st century with the help of this tool.

After you log in using your Shopper’s Club number, you can begin searching for whatever product you are looking for. The search will net all brands of that product available in Wegmans stores. Then it’s up to you to add specific items to your list in whatever quantities you need. When you print out the list, the items will be organized according to the department which will come in handy trying to track things down in the store, such as Citrus Soy Sauce. This means no more realizing you forgot the potatoes on your list when you’re all the way across the store in the beer aisle. You can also print out a map of the store you shop at to serve as your guide.

When you sign in, the website identifies which Wegmans store you shop at. If an item you are looking for may not be in stock at the store you shop at, it will say, “available in select stores.” I can’t count the number of times I’ve search far and wide for something in the East Avenue Wegmans only to learn they don’t carry it due to space constraints.

Those of us lucky enough to have iPhones or other high tech gadgets can download the Wegmans application.  Now I just need an iPhone. Does Santa have a digital shopping list feature on his website?


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