Can I come over for dinner?

The year 2011 has been an incredible year in food for me thanks to all of you who have read Diaries of a Foodie, shared it with friends, tried some of the recipes, and shared your thoughts on food! Since I began publishing this blog on WordPress in August, I have had close to 1,400 visits to my page. November was my busiest month with over 400 views. And more than 50 people visited my blog on my busiest day, November 14, 2011, in response to my recipe for Breakfast Pizza.

It was a year of success and discovery. I won my battle with yeast and hopefully my war against Pantry Moths. I discovered the Wegmans online grocery list function and came to the realization that sometimes, it’s actually just easier to order out. And I was picked up as a community blogger for the Penfield Post.

I want to thank everyone for their encouragement, inspiration and support. Cooking wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you.

For 2012, I’d like to invite you all to guest blog. I know many of my friends out there absolutely love to cook, like Leslie who whipped me up a scrumptious birthday dinner, or Breanna who tipped me off to the Martha Stewart macaroni and cheese recipe which I hope to try this year. I know I would love to read a blog about the stuffed and smoked pork loin I ate at Eddie and Tammy’s house last week.  Have you had experience using unique cooking tools, techniques or experimenting with ethnic foods?

If you like to cook and you have a knack for writing, I hope you will take me up this year and submit a piece for Diaries of a Foodie. Heck, you can even invite me over for supper. I am a great kitchen helper and I don’t mind doing dishes.


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