Wish lists of a foodie

For Christmas, I got all sorts of neat gadgets that any foodie would love. Here’s just a few of them. Any suggestions on how to put them to use in 2012?

I received a grill basket for cooking things like fish and veggies on the barbeque this summer.

My Aunt Annette, a Pampered Chef dealer, bought me a Mix N’ Chop for crumbling foods, a Scoop N’ Drain, which will come in handy when I’m blanching vegetables, and my stepmother got me a rubberized Basting Brush which is safe for use with temperatures up to 600 degrees.

Ever since learning what a sifter was in home economics class, I swore I would never find the need for one, but I realized the value of the tool this year while making royal icing for my cookies. I guess that’s what happens when you turn 35!

My brother got me two things I’ve wanted forever – a cast iron skillet and a carbon steel wok.

One of my oldest friends Jennifer gave me a terra cotta garlic roaster and a classic ceramic dutch oven that’s almost too cute to actually use!

My ingenious friend Jill gave me a decorative display mount which is intended to be used to display a plate on a table or wall. In reality, it’s even more useful as a recipe book stand.

And my dear friend Kimberly gave me a collection of old cookbooks from various fundraisers dating back as far as the 1960’s. With classics like “What Shall We have to Eat?”, “Feeder’s Digest” and “Cooking is Caring”, you can look forward to an interesting 2012 with Diaries of a Foodie.


4 responses

  1. just read though you blog …very nice and insightful..love all your new cooking items..my grandmother always cooked in cast iron..her hamburgs were better than steak..lol

  2. I am in awe of your gadgets and love my mallet/tenderizer for pounding chicken or whatever inside a ziplock bag to avoid the mess. I remember having amazing roasted garlic at a restaurant and they served it with fresh bread and I think that is all they did to it, but it was amazing! Enjoy your new toys!

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