Slicing and dicing

Welcome to my first attempt at using video on Diaries of a Foodie. You can check out my You Tube Channel for videos to come. These two short snippets are what you might call “silent films. If you can follow along, you’ll observe some of the easiest techniques for cleaning and slicing green peppers, and dicing an onion, both of which I picked up over the years working as a line chef. Next time I’ll try giving some more verbal cues!

The idea behind the technique to dicing an onion is to utilize the onion’s built-in “slices”. You want to slice off the ends of the onion. Place the onion on one of the flat ends and slice it in half going in line with the grain. Next, place half of the onion flat onto the cutting board. Cut uniform slices across the onion half. Bring the slices close to one in the shape of an onion half and make uniform cuts against the grain of the onion. Separate the onions and you’ll find you’ve got a lovely dicing.

When slicing a pepper, you basically want to make three slices lengthwise down the pepper, removing the stem. Hold the stem while you slice it and rotate the pepper as you cut it.




3 responses

  1. Welcome to video! I know it’s a pain, but you might try to add some words to explain what you’re doing and why. It will help make the video more engaging and informative. 🙂 Such an exciting area to go into. With food stuff, I wish we could create “smellovision” though!

    • I definitely plan to include verbal cues in future videos. These are videos I shot a long time ago and I figured I’d post them to get my YouTube channel up and running. Thanks for the feedback El!

    • Oh, and I can’t wait to follow up on your other suggestion for a video. Maybe you, me and Liliana could hit the streets someday for some footage gathering! I wish I had video editing software on my computer so I could do something a little fancier with videos.

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