Have your cake and eat it too

First, let me apologize for my short blogging hiatus. Moving, Easter and celebrating my 35th birthday have monopolized the past few weeks of my life. Now that I’ve got my kitchen all set up, there should be plenty of fodder for mouth-watering blogs coming your way!

This blog is inspired by my co-worker Justine’s cake pops. She whipped up a bride and groom-themed batch of these bite-sized morsels for a recent bridal shower and they were a huge hit! According to theKitchn

“You bake up a cake, let it cool, tear it into fine crumbs, stir in something to hold it all together, and roll it in balls.”

You can roll your own cake pops, or you can purchase cake pop pans, eliminating the need to crumble the cake and mix it with frosting.

The final step entails sticking a lollipop stick into the cake pops and dipping them into melted white, milk or dark chocolate and decorating them. Justine’s groom cake balls are coated in white chocolate, followed by some strategic dips in chocolate, and topped off with buttons and a bow tie. The bride cake balls are dipped in white chocolate and then drizzled with more white chocolate to create the lace-like look. These irresistible, eye-catching treats are sure to impress!



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