Too cute to eat

Call me a cheater for this one, but these cupcakes were too cute not to share. My friend Tra and Jay’s Sesame Street cupcakes are perfect for your next kids (or grown-up kids) party, and they aren’t too hard to make. I tried to Google a recipe for you to follow, but nothing online could really compare to these.

All you need is some cupcakes and a couple of cans of frosting. Mix food coloring into four separate bowls of frosting. Create red for Elmo, green for Oscar the Grouch, blue for Cookie Monster and yellow for Big Bird. Jay came up with a frosting technique which made the cupcakes looked furry and they added some crystal sugar sprinkles to give them some shine.

Cookie Monster is eating a Chips-a-Hoy cookie, which is cut in half, and frosted to look like it’s in his mouth. Oscar is wearing a vanilla Golden Oreo cookie trash can lid on his head. Elmo’s mouth is made with a traditional chocolate Oreo. And the pièce de résistance, Big Bird, was made with a strategically cut marshmallow. Note how the inside of Big Bird’s mouth is frosted red and his purple and blue eyebrows really make him stand out. White frosting and chocolate M&M’s were enlisted as eyeballs, and an orange M&M serves as Elmo’s nose.

Don’t worry. While they are too cute, you’ll be able to find it in your heart to eat one.


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